The Widow Killer
Pavel Kohout
Trans. Isabelle Hausser-Duclos | French
Gimme the Money
Iva Pekárková
Trans. Iva Pekárková, Raymond Johnston | English
Jáchym Topol
Trans. Marianne Canavaggio | French
Singing in the Middle of the Night
Jiří Kratochvil
Trans. Nathalie Zanello-Kounovsky | French
More Than One Life
Miloslava Holubová
Trans. Alex Zucker, Lyn Coffin, Zdenka Brodska | English
Bringing Up Girls in Bohemia
Michal Viewegh
Trans. Gerald Turner | English
The World Is Round
Iva Pekárková
Trans. David Powelstock | English
Truck Stop Rainbows
Iva Pekárková
Trans. David Powelstock | English
Stories for adults
Jan Pelc
Trans. Eero Balk | Finnish
The Tremor of Racehorses
Sylva Fischerová
Trans. Jarmila Milner, Ian Milner | English