Book Market

Almost one half of the population (48%) bought at least one book throughout the year; this was 71% in 2007, and 46% in 2010; on average in 2013 we bought 2.3 books and spent 26 euros on them. The main reason why we buy books is for entertainment and relaxation, followed by “as a gift and entertainment, education and information.

Those who do not buy books, do not do so mainly due to their high price, while other reasons are that they acquire them from other sources and that they are not interested in reading books.

When buying books we make our decisions mainly on the basis of their genre, followed by subject and author; on the other hand the cover and publisher/edition play a negligible role.

Most people in the Czech Republic state that it is impossible to maintain an overview of all books published.

Gender. It is the case that women go to bookshops significantly more often than men and that this difference has increased somewhat in recent times.

Age. We acquire most books at the age of 25-44, and least at an elderly age.

All other variables: constant state without any significant fluctuations or surprises – marked prevalence of people with the highest education and income, as well as those who work mentally, with considerable predominance of the economically active. The size of the conurbation does not play a differentiating role.

Reader category. It is the case that the stronger the reader, the stronger is his participation in the book market. Nevertheless, every fourteenth non-reader (7%) bought a book in 2013, whereas almost a third of frequent readers (29%) did not do so.

– Largest categories in order of size (2013):: higher education (71%), mental work (62%), 25-34 (57%), passed secondary-level education (57%), economically active (51%).