2018 Magnesia Litera Awards announced

Erik Tabery’s non-fiction Opuštěná společnost (Abandoned Society) wins book of the year.


magnesia litera 2018

The winners of the prestigious Czech literary award were announced on 4 April at the National Theatre New Scene in Prague. The ceremony was broadcast live by Czech Television.

Magnesia Litera — Book of the year

Erik Tabery: Opuštěná společnost (Abandoned Society, Paseka)

An examination of Czech society in its historical context, including the recent rise of populism, by the long-time editor-in-chief of the weekly Respekt.

Magnesia Litera — Prose

Josef Pánek: Láska v době globálních klimatických změn (Love in an Age of Global Climatic Changes, Argo)

This novella tells a tale of the global village known as Earth, the illogical nature of racism and the inscrutable ways of the heart, and mainly of how we all fear changes, while the greatest of these is taking place all around us and above our heads.

Magnesia Litera — For children and young adults

František Tichý: Transport za věčnost (Transport for Eternity, Baobab)

A book for children inspired by the true stories of boys who lived in Prague and Terezín concentration camp during World War II.

Magnesia Litera — Poetry

Milan Děžinský: Obcházení ostrova (Walking Around an Island, Host)

The last, paramount part of a loose trilogy of poetry with loneliness at home as its theme.

The complete list of winners can be found on the Magnesia Litera website.