Zdenka Hamerová

The Secret of Klejinka

Klejinčino tajemství
Klejinčino tajemství
Motto, 2015, 328 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Crime/Detective, Prose, Thriller
ISBN: 9788026702931
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Hamerová is an experienced author, popular with readers and critics. Her latest book, The Secret of Klejinka, has been nominated for the best Czech detective novel of the year award. Tina has remarried and is starting a new life with her second husband, Martin, and their three sons. They have bought a run down hundred-year old villa, which the locals call Klejinka. While Tina’s family is happy in their new home, she feels that the villa hasn’t accepted them and everything is plotting against her. Tina begins to investigate the history of the villa to find out what is really haunting her, but then death strikes…


“Readable, humorous and written with a light touch […] Hamerová knows how to write and create a nightmarish atmosphere, while the relationships between the thirtysomethings are realistic.”

Juan Zamora, iLiteratura

“I would confidently compare Zdenka Hamerová to the Swedish author Camille Läckberg […] Hamerová is a genuine master at combining horror with humour.”

Veronika Černucká, SeverskéDetektivky.cz

Language: Czech
Title: Klejinčino tajemství
Place: Praha
Publisher: Motto
Year: 2015
Pages: 328
Genre: Crime/Detective, Prose, Thriller