Karel Čapek


Trans. Irma Pieper
Wereldbibliotheek, 2016, 368 pp
Language: Dutch
Genre: Prose
ISBN: 9789028426399
Goodreads rating
74.8% (Rated by 1574 users)

This classic Czech novel about the risks and abuse of science by Karel Čapek was first published in 1924. Krakatit deals with the invention of a substance known as krakatit (although perhaps in English this should be more accurately rendered as krakatite) so named because it is so highly explosive that it rivals the energy output of the Indonesian Krakatoa volcano.

Information in Dutch here.

Language: Dutch
Title: Krakatiet
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Publisher: Wereldbibliotheek
Year: 2016
Pages: 368
Genre: Prose