Michal Viewegh


Druhé město, 2016, 158 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Crime/Detective, Prose, Thriller
ISBN: 9788072273867
W: http://www.viewegh.cz

For several years, two long-standing friends and erstwhile fellow teachers have been making their livings in rather lucrative professions: one is a gigolo, the other a contract killer. Now they take off together for the Sázava river, for a few days’ rest from the demands of their work. As everyone knows, however, men keep working even when on holiday… This is the outline of a screenplay whose author is hell-bent on attracting an apathetic film producer. Brutality or true love – which will prevail? Or why not have both? This new short novel by Michal Viewegh is a thriller and tragic love story in one.


“[…] a definite return to form for the Czech bestselling author. Once again Viewegh’s writing is lively, clever and funny […]. Moonlighting is refreshing light reading, in the best sense of the term”

— Magdaléna Čechlovská, Hospodářské noviny

“Viewegh is a master of dialogue”

— Jarda Konáš, Aktuálně.cz

Language: Czech
Title: Melouch
Place: Brno
Publisher: Druhé město
Year: 2016
Pages: 158
Genre: Crime/Detective, Prose, Thriller