Vojtěch Matocha, Karel Osoha

Dustzone – The White Chamber

Prašina: Bílá komnata
Prašina: Bílá komnata
Paseka, 2020, 260 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult
ISBN: 9788076371187
Foreign rights
Paseka Publishers
W: http://www.paseka.cz
E: paseka@paseka.cz
Goodreads rating
80.8% (Rated by 217 users)

The conclusion to a thrilling three-part series for older children – the adventure-packed story of Dustzone draws to a close.

Dustzone is a mysterious, frightening neighbourhood in the middle of modern day Prague, the only place where electricity doesn’t work and no one knows why. The third part of this series takes place during a stiflingly hot summer and tension is growing on the borders of Dustzone. The residents of Krchleby patrol the slopes of Gallows Hill, led by the mysterious Melichar. At any moment, crowds of people will swarm up through the dark alleys in search of a machine invented long ago, which stops Dustzone from spreading. While preparations take place for the final showdown in the dilapidated houses and empty squares, the protagonists of the series decide to take the fate of the district into their own hands.

The final instalment in the successful Dustzone trilogy brings the denouement Czech readers have been impatiently waiting for. The adventure-filled narrative from the dark corners and cellars of old Prague is complemented by the atmospheric black-and-white drawings of Karel Osoha.

Age 9+


“Running along winding alleys, through lofts and old tenements, climbing walls and discovering secret passages, clashing with dangerous figures from the ‘underground’ and searching for clues – all of this has a very distinctive charge which stimulates the imagination and adds the right amount of ‘Dustzone’ tension.”


About the authors:

Vojtěch Matocha (1989) studied mathematics and is now a software developer for mobile phones. His debut, Prašina (Dustzone, 2018), became a bestseller and is admired by readers across generations. Prašina was awarded the Teachers’ Prize for the Development of Children’s Reading and the Nights with Andersen Night Sleepers’ Prize. The author has also been nominated for the Magnesia Litera Award, the Jiří Orten Award and the Golden Ribbon.

Karel Osoha (1991) is one of the leading Czech comics artists. He won the Muriel Award for Best Drawing for Češi 1948: Jak se KSČ chopila moci (Czechs 1948: How the Communist Party Seized Power, 2016). The illustrations for the book Prašina (Dustzone, 2018) and the first volume of the comics trilogy Návrat Krále Šumavy (The Return of the King of the Šumava, 2018) earned him a nomination for the Czech Grand Design Awards.

Language: Czech
Title: Prašina: Bílá komnata
Publisher: Paseka
Year: 2020
Pages: 260
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult