Vojtěch Mašek

The Dietl Sisters

Sestry Dietlovy
Sestry Dietlovy
Lipnik, 2018, 248 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Comics, Horror, Thriller
ISBN: 9788090567962
Goodreads rating
83.6% (Rated by 55 users)

A horror detective story about two sisters, whose world is created from the surreal visions of Vojtěch Mašek, one of the most acclaimed Czech comics authors.

When one of the Dietl sisters ends up in hospital after what appears to be a brutal attack, leaving her with a mutilated face and unable to move, Mašek leads the reader on a detective story exploring change of identity, doppelgängers, deformation, hallucination and altered states of mind in contrast with idyllic family life. This comics takes place in a fictional world woven from dreams, hazy and distorted memories of childhood fears, fear of the unknown and the desire for a safe hiding place. Reality constantly disrupted by doubts, changing points of view, the neurotic need to find objective truth. All this is contained in the story about the Dietl sisters – many theories, many possibilities but seemingly with only one solution. Mašek employs a unique multilayered art style, combining backgrounds created from various texts, newspaper cuttings and patterns with the main plot taking place in the foreground. The connections and juxtapositions between these two levels brilliantly evoking the main themes of the book.


“A multi-layered story uncovering a kind of mysterious evil hovering above two ageing sisters. Its mood is reminiscent of Charles Burns’s Black Hole, but more in a…Czech way. ”


“Integrity, coherence, interdependence and a stylistic rigour not only place this graphic novel above the author’s previous work, but it makes it one of the best Czech graphic novels of the last decade.”


About the author

Vojtěch Mašek (b. 1977) is a comics writer and artist, author of film screenplays and theatre plays. His comics have received eight Muriel Awards and two have been published abroad. The film Křižáček (Little Crusader, 2017), which he co-wrote received the main award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Mašek is the author of the internet hit Recykliteratura, which builds on the avant-garde tradition of associative montages using photographs and texts found in books and magazines.

Language: Czech
Title: Sestry Dietlovy
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Lipnik
Year: 2018
Pages: 248
Genre: Comics, Horror, Thriller