Tereza Boučková

Madly Sad Stories

Šíleně smutné povídky
Šíleně smutné povídky
Odeon, 2013, 128 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Short stories
ISBN: 9788020714817
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Tereza Boučková goes into other people’s lives unequivocally and uncompromisingly. Thirteen madly sad stories are thirteen tales that conclude with sadness, but many are also ironic and paradoxical. All these stories are written little more than minimalistically, but they include everything: yearning for love, acceptance, friendship, inner peace or at least some peace in a devastated or exhausted marriage, as well as grim determination to overcome tragic, deep misfortune.


“Boučková excels in the opening lines of her stories as well as in sharp, strong and surprising punchlines.”

—Radim Kopáč, literary critic

“Boučková’s style, which combines subtle humor with a narrative ingenuity, ensures an extraordinary reading pleasure.”

—Alf Mentzer, Darmstädter Jury, Gemany, on the occasion of selecting Madly Sad Stories for the Book of the Month

“Boučková accompanies her characters affectionately and in weightless sets. These sad stories are full of joy.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Boučková stops each of her characters in front of the abyss of pathos and heart-rending cries, she leaves them to sober up from the first, deepest cut of sadness and throws them into another life.”

—Klára Kubíčkova, MF Dnes

Selected published translations (2)

Wahnsinnig traurige Geschichten German

Őrülten szomorú történetek Hungarian

Language: Czech
Title: Šíleně smutné povídky
Place: Praha
Publisher: Odeon
Year: 2013
Pages: 128
Genre: Short stories
Foreign rights
Prague Literary Agency