Super Spellsword Saga: The Legend of Infinity

Super Spellsword Sága: Legenda o Nekonečnu
Super Spellsword Sága: Legenda o Nekonečnu
Labyrint, 2019, 128 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Comics
ISBN: 9788087260791
Goodreads rating
84% (Rated by 74 users)

A comedy comic book from the fantasy genre full of pop-culture allusions.
In this funny and entertaining conversational comic book, the wizarding order is confronted with the dangerous Magic Doughnut of Infinity. Two wizards, Klerenc and Eliot, are sent to find the “chronomancer,” the only one who can eat the doughnut without it bringing about the end of the world. This playful, colourful comic book full of references to contemporary pop culture is highly original and masterfully drawn.


“In his new comic book, Nikkarin moves away from the black-and-white drawings of the previous 130 series. It’s now more colourful, playful, talkative and cheerful.”


“The book is brightly coloured, the stylization brutally simple, the narrative is pacy and there isn’t a single page without humorous chat or visual jokes.”


About the author

Nikkarin (real name Michal Menšík, 1987) is an artist, cartoonist and comic-book author. He publishes comic strips in the magazine ČiliChili. He mainly came to attention through the comic-book series 130. He illustrated the children’s books Jak vznikl film (How Film Came into Being, 2017) and Jak se dělá film (How to Make a Film, 2019). Super Spellsword Sága is the first major book of his own.

Language: Czech
Title: Super Spellsword Sága: Legenda o Nekonečnu
Place: Praha
Publisher: Labyrint
Year: 2019
Pages: 128
Genre: Comics