Petr Borkovec, Petra Josefína Stibitzová

Things We Lose

Věci, které ztrácíme
Věci, které ztrácíme
Meander, 2020, 18 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Poetry
ISBN: 9788075581341
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Poems about things which can be lost by anyone who has ever owned anything – in a pop-up book for young readers.

A book for forgetful people containing stories about things which we lose every day, but also about those curiosities which we can discover at the lost and found. Have you ever wondered what happens to these things and how we can actually ever find them again? The respected Czech poet Petr Borkovec has written an enjoyable pop-up book for children about the things we leave behind on the train, at school, on a fence, in a shop – anywhere. A book for young readers but which the adult reader will naturally enjoy too.

Age 3+


“Petra Josefína Stibitzová presents a subtle, light combination of muted pastel colours, tangled scarves, beads, toy cars and transistor radios; the illustrations do not support or supplement the text – they are part of it.”


About the authors:

Petr Borkovec (1970) is a poet, novelist and translator. He won the Jiří Orten Award for his early collection Ochoz (Gallery, 1994). His first book for infant readers was the poetry pop-up book Všechno je to na zahradě (Everything is in the Garden, 2012), and since then he has written four books for children. In addition, he writes poems, short stories and novellas.

Petra Josefína Stibitzová (1988) graduated from the studio of illustration and graphic design at Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. She illustrated the three-part comics Mor (The Plague, 2016–2017) by Milada Mašínová and Pajasan (Ailanthus, 2016) by Vratislav Brabenec. She inventively illustrated Emma Pecháčková’s short-story bird books Holub Kolumb (Columbus Pigeon, 2013) and Holub Pírko (Feather Pigeon, 2019). She also illustrates workbooks for the publishing house Cesta domů, and designs posters and prints.

Language: Czech
Title: Věci, které ztrácíme
Publisher: Meander
Year: 2020
Pages: 18
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult, Poetry