Call for Submissions: 2018 Susanna Roth Award

For the fifth annual international competition for young translators, contestants will translate an excerpt from Karel Veselý’s Bomb★Funk.



The award, named after renowned Swiss translator, Susanna Roth (1950–1997), who contributed significantly to the promotion of contemporary Czech literature abroad, is organised by the Czech Literary Centre and Czech Centres. The competition is open to young translators up to the age of forty, excluding previous winners of the award. The task is to translate a significant extract (cca 10 pages) of as yet untranslated contemporary Czech prose published in the Czech Republic in the previous 12 months. Previously published extracts are unacceptable. A jury in each country taking part will select one winner.

This year, an expert committee chose Karel Veselý’s novel Bomb★Funk (BiggBoss, 2017).

For more information, visit the website of your local Czech Centre or Czech embassy.


A stay in the Czech Republic, which will include a translation workshop and other accompanying events.

Participating countries

Bulgaria, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Belarus, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Serbia


Deadline for translation submissions: 31 March 2018
Publication of results: 15 May 2018
Winners’ stay in the Czech Republic: July 2018


Jack Coling, Czech Literary Centre, E:
Anna Hrabáčková, Czech Centres, E: