Four Czech books for children and youth on the prestigious White Ravens list

The catalogue is published every year by the Internationale Jugendbibliothek in Munich.



The Czech books added to the catalogue this year are:

Daniela Fischerová — Pohoršovna (Deformatory)

Hyperactive dwarfs, a witch baby, the twins of King Worrywart, the strange will-o’-the-wisp girl, and so on – because they are too nice, all these characters fail at being good monsters and spirits. Their parents send them to a correction house for getting better at being bad.

Ondřej Horák, Jiří Franta — Proč obrazy nepotřebují názvy (Why Paintings Don’t Need Names)

Visiting the art museum with children and keeping them interested is not the easiest of tasks. In this multiple award-winning book, artists Ondřej Horák (b. 1976) and Jiří Franta (b. 1978) show why art is a devilishly exciting affair.

Petra SoukupováBertík a čmuchadlo (Bertie and the Snuffler)

Nine-year-old Bertie must go to the country with his mother and her new boyfriend – “stupid” Richard. Two more families Bertie can’t stand meet them there, and so he frequently retreats into the nearby forest. There he meets an unusual creature, something between a beaver and warthog. Can the unexpected friendship with this mysterious creature change Bertie’s view of the world?

Kristýna Täubelová – Nesmrtelný méďa (The Everlasting Teddy Bear)

The relationship to one’s favourite stuffed animal is intense, intimate, but then over one day. Set designer, graphic artist and theatrical artist Kristýna Täubelová (b. 1977) explores this relationship from the perspective of a plush teddy bear.

The full catalogue can be found here.