Four Czech books for children on the 2018 White Ravens list

The prestigious catalogue is published every year by the International Youth Library in Munich.



The White Ravens is a catalogue of international book recommendations announced every autumn at the Frankfurt Book Fair by the International Youth Library in Munich. Established in 1949 by Jella Lepman, the International Youth Library is the largest library for children and young adults in the world. The complete catalogue can be found here.

The Czech books added to the catalogue this year are:

Taťána Rubášová & Jindřich Janíček: The Wonderful Robot Expedition (Podivuhodná robotí expedice)
In this epic comic book diary, two bickering robot explorers embark on a tragicomic journey to make sense of a post-apocalyptic earth. (Reading age: 9+)

Petra Soukupová: Who Killed Snowflake? (Kdo zabil Snížka?)
A bestselling adventure book for children with a detective twist. (Reading age: 9+)

Radek Malý & Renáta Fučíková: Franz Kafka – A Person of His Time and Ours (Franz Kafka – Člověk své a naší doby)
This lavish book about the most famous native of Prague, Franz Kafka, is intended for everyone who wishes to learn more about his life and work, and his world. (Reading age: 10+)

Olga Černá & Miroslav Šašek: The Lost Diary of the Professor from Essex (Ztracený deník profesora z Essexu)
A beautifully produced diary, discovered more than one hundred years after it was written, describing the peculiar animals on a remote island. (Reading age: 8+)