Successful Czech Literary Centre residency applications announced

Nine residencies will be organised in the first half of 2018.

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Applicants from thirteen countries applied for CLC residencies taking place from March to May 2018. The CLC travel committee allocated nine residencies ranging from two to four weeks. Four of the residencies will take place in Brno and five in Prague. The successful applicants this year include translators from Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine and Korea.

Two one-month stays were reserved for foreign authors. Out of the fourteen applications, the committee chose British author, Lucy Duggan, and French writer, Pierre Cendors. In June 2018, Duggan will be staying in Brno and Cendors in Prague.

The results for translators can be found here and for authors here.

The CLC travel committee:

  • Ondřej Buddeus
  • Jana Čeňková
  • Viktor Debnár
  • Iveta Gonzálezová
  • Zuzana Jürgens
  • Radim Kopáč
  • Tomáš Kubíček
  • Petr Minařík
  • Lucie Zakopalová