Tereza Drahoňovská, Štěpánka Jislová

Hairless – My Life With Alopecia

Bez vlasů
Bez vlasů
Paseka, 2020, 120 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Comics
ISBN: 9788076371422
Foreign rights
Paseka Publishers
W: http://www.paseka.cz
E: paseka@paseka.cz
Goodreads rating
91% (Rated by 173 users)

An autobiographical graphic novel about living with the autoimmune disease alopecia

This graphic novel, the protagonist of which has alopecia and loses all of her hair in a matter of weeks, tells of the problems in trying to adjust to adverse circumstances and the need to find yourself again. To present this story, the debut writer Tereza Drahoňovská teamed up with her colleague from the Czech branch of Laydeez Do Comics, Štěpánka Jislová, to create an informative as well as entertaining graphic novel, which appears accessible and straightforward even while looking at a difficult subject.

The 120-page Hairless – My Life with Alopecia is not only interesting because of its topic. The honest descriptions which ring true are also enhanced by inventive and modern visual work, where the distinctive simplified caricatures are organically enhanced by added colour, in this case pink. The authors hope that the comics will help those thousands of people who are affected by this disease, but it will certainly resonate with others too.


Hairless is a graphic novel which will undoubtedly hold its own abroad and be universally understood around the world.”


It is one of the best, if not the best graphic novel to come out of the Czech Republic in 2020.”

—Czech Radio, Vltava

About the authors:

Tereza Drahoňovská (1990) graduated in journalism and media sciences from Charles University. Together with Štěpánka Jislová she formed the Prague branch of Laydeez Do Comics, which promotes the work of female comics writers.

Štěpánka Jislová (1992) graduated from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Plzeň and has published her short comics stories in a number of Czech and international collections. She contributed to the comics series Češi (The Czechs, 2013-2016) and illustrated the graphic novel Milada Horáková (2020).

Language: Czech
Title: Bez vlasů
Publisher: Paseka
Year: 2020
Pages: 120
Genre: Comics