Jan Němec

Ways of Writing about Love

Možnosti milostného románu
Možnosti milostného románu
Host, 2019, 420 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Literary fiction
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A novel written from the wreckage of a relationship while reconsidering ways of writing about love.

In his new novel Jan Němec exposes himself in an unprecedented manner as he examines the beginning, middle and end of a six-year relationship – his own. The book, which emerged from the need to understand what went wrong with him and his girlfriend, shows how the death of a relationship can spill over into the birth of a novel as a kind of self-preserving literary reincarnation. Ways of Writing about Love is enhanced by various narrative tricks and techniques, allusions to iconic works of prose, extracts from letters and news reports. This intimate and slightly controversial novel, where the author, narrator and central character meld into one, breaks all the rules of narration, testing the forms which prose can take.


“The author offers the reader a sophisticated game with genre: a true literary experiment which is rare in Czech literature.”

—Deník N

“This novel about love and writing in the age of digital sadness emerged from the ruins of a relationship lasting more than five years.”



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أشكال الرواية العاطفية Arabic

Language: Czech
Title: Možnosti milostného románu
Place: Brno, Czech Republic
Publisher: Host
Year: 2019
Pages: 420
Genre: Literary fiction
Foreign rights
Dana Blatná Literary Agency