Daniel Tučka

Wormwood I

Pelyněk I.
Pelyněk I.
Straky na vrbě, 2017, 398 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Fantasy, Science fiction
ISBN: 9788087364642
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The first part of an epic steampunk trilogy for all lovers of fantasy, adventure and the century of steam.

The era of airships, steam cars and books is ending. A reckless inheritor of a rare book, a pragmatic engineer and a noblewoman in distress undertake an adventurous journey into a country of mythical creatures and precious wood. Will our heroes uncover the secret of lost electricity or will the shah, who controls the wormwood’s mysterious power, win?

This steampunk novel invites the reader to a world where books are valuable, timber is a symbol of wealth and spells are just as real as steam.


“Everyone who enjoys steampunk and adventure will like this book, and anyone who is new to the genre […] has an amazing opportunity to fall in love with it.”


“The author’s style is very impressive. He plays with words, rolling them around in the mouth and savouring their sound.”


About the author

Daniel Tučka (b. 1976) is a native of Brno, but lives and works in Prague. He focuses on sci-fi and fantasy, and since 2008, he has been a regular finalist in Czech fantasy literary competitions. His stories can be found in numerous collections, as well as the Pevnost magazine. Tučka’s debut novel, the urban fantasy Umrlčí tanec (The Dead Man’s Dance), was published in 2012. This was followed by the epic Pelyněk trilogy (Wormwood, 2017-2018), combining steampunk, fantasy and adventure.

Language: Czech
Title: Pelyněk I.
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Straky na vrbě
Year: 2017
Pages: 398
Genre: Fantasy, Science fiction