Vojtěch Matocha, Karel Osoha

Dustzone: Black Mercurite

Prašina: Černý Merkurit
Prašina: Černý Merkurit
Paseka, 2019, 260 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult
ISBN: 9788074329890

The second instalment of the phenomenally successful adventure from a strange district of Prague.

Just like the first part of this thrilling story, the second volume of Dustzone has been a hit with readers. It brings the heroes, Jirka and En, back to Prašina – a district of Prague where electricity doesn’t work and where the two central child characters have their Den. However, not far away is Krchleby, a dark corner of Prašina that poses a threat to the city. What’s more, the friendship between the two children is jeopardized by the secrets they are keeping from each other. But everything turns out quite differently to how readers would expect. The thrilling story, which the reader just can’t put down, is complemented by Karel Osoha’s shadowy illustrations of the mysterious district where normal rules don’t apply and there are no modern conveniences to be found.


“The new adventure is perhaps even more dangerous than the last and the author succeeds in developing themes previously hinted at… The second part feels as if it is leading up to another story.”


“Like the first book, the second is intense and thrilling. It’s an unputdownable read until the very last page.”


About the authors

Vojtěch Matocha (1989) studied mathematics and now develops software for mobile phones. He has devoted himself to creative writing since grammar school, has successfully taken part in a number of literary competitions and writes reviews for iLiteratura. His debut Prašina (Dustzone, 2018) became a bestseller and enjoys popularity with readers across the generations. The book won the Teachers’ Award for Contributing to the Development of Children’s Reading and the “Night with Andersen” Night Sleepers’ Award. It brought the author nominations for a Magnesia Litera Award, a Jiří Orten Award and a Golden Ribbon Award.

Karel Osoha (1991) is one of the leading Czech comics authors. He won the Muriel Award for Best Drawing for Češi 1948: Jak se KSČ chopila moci (Czechs 1948: How the Communist Party Seized Power, 2016). The illustrations for the book Prašina (Dustzone, 2018) and the first volume of the comics trilogy Návrat Krále Šumavy (The Return of the King of the Šumava, 2018) earned him a nomination for the Czech Grand Design Awards.

Language: Czech
Title: Prašina: Černý Merkurit
Place: Praha
Publisher: Paseka
Year: 2019
Pages: 260
Genre: Children’s and Young Adult