Daniel Prokop

Blind Spots

Slepé skvrny
Slepé skvrny
Host, 2020, 256 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Monograph
ISBN: 9788075779915
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Dana Blatná Literary Agency
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This book provides essential information about the functioning of Czech society (and others) and the crisis facing democracy and politics.

An important manual in the fight against disinformation in relation to the most pressing national as well as global problems: the lack of faith in democracy, poverty, the integration of minorities, the gulf in access to education and opportunities, populism in politics, and the myths which prevent citizens from viewing issues objectively. This book’s overview of society’s problems is multifaceted and supported by substantial arguments and statistical data and has been thoroughly researched, and yet the author has clear viewpoints and offers much food for thought.


“This book can be read as a possible guide to solving the problems in Czechia today, but more generally it also tells us how to argue objectively, non-ideologically and with as much basis in fact as possible.”


“Sociologists often argue about the extent to which social scientists should be socially committed without losing their independence and objectivity – which are of fundamental importance for scientific work. Prokop’s book has something to say in this respect: not to become an activist, exaggerate or agitate, but also not to make a secret of your convictions and values.”


About the author:

Daniel Prokop (1984) is a sociologist who specializes in social and political quantitative research. In 2019 he established PAQ Research, his own sociology research organization, which focuses on projects mainly relating to education, social issues and social policy. He worked for ten years for the Median agency, three of which as its director. He specializes in the themes of poverty, the stratification of Czech society, inequality in education, and populist discourse. He is a researcher at Charles University’s Faculty of Social Sciences, a member of the expert group for the creation of the Education Strategy 2030, and co-author of the Eduzměna analysis of problems in the Czech education system.

Language: Czech
Title: Slepé skvrny
Publisher: Host
Year: 2020
Pages: 256
Genre: Monograph