Michal Ajvaz

Golden Age

Zlatý věk
Zlatý věk
Druhé město, 2011, 302 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Prose
ISBN: 9788072273072
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An imaginary travelogue or a combination of cultural and ethnological fiction. This time the story is not set in the shadowy corners of magical Prague; here the author invites us on a journey to an island where a sense of solidarity has evolved which is alien to the life of our European or European-American rational and pragmatic civilisation. It is a totally open solidarity, based on principles of chaos and destruction of all signs of totalitarianism in our language and thought.


“A lovely catalog of – and meditation on – other-worldly ideas and notions as well as a multi-layered work of fiction(s), The Golden Age is a wonderfully entertaining novel, with the sparkle of its bits coalescing surprisingly into an intriguing conceptual work.”

—M.A.Orthofer, The Complete Review

“This 2001 novel, Ajvaz’s most brilliantly complicated, is a fictional travelogue, part philosophical ethnography and part potboiling fairy tale.”

—Jonathan Bolton, CONTEXT

Selected published translations (2)

L'autre île French

The Golden Age English

Language: Czech
Title: Zlatý věk
Place: Brno
Publisher: Druhé město
Year: 2011
Pages: 302
Genre: Prose
Foreign rights
Dana Blatná Literary Agency