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Interview,News | 11. 11. 2021

Sometimes It Pays to Trust Your Intuition

An interview with Lucie Faulerová

Interview | 26. 3. 2020

On the Paris Book Fair

An interview with Sára Vybíralová and Guillaume Basset

Interview | 24. 4. 2014

“Narro, ergo sum,”

says Jiří Kratochvil in this exclusive interview for the English section of CzechLit.

Interview | 9. 2. 2014

“Anyone can dare to review prose,”

says writer Jana Šrámková, who works at the Literary Academy and co-authored Twelve Paragraphs on Prose.

Interview | 10. 1. 2014

“The Poles are close to the Czechs,”

says Marcin Skrabka, Director of Czeskie Klimaty, which publishes and promotes Czech literature in Poland.

Interview | 18. 11. 2013

“Heroism, like cowardice, is a genetic predisposition,”

says writer Tereza Boučková, who has brought out her latest book Šíleně smutné povídky (Madly Sad Stories).

Interview | 14. 11. 2013

“A poem has become part of my life,”

says poet Jakub Řehák, whose second collection Past na Brigitu (Trap for Brigita) won the Magnesia Litera award this year.

Interview | 4. 11. 2013

“I intend to write a black and white animal trilogy,”

says British-based Czech writer Iva Pekárková, whose two latest works, Levhartice and the bilingual Zápisky z Londýna have just come out.

Interview | 2. 10. 2013

“However the novel is received, I spent a great year writing it,”

says editor and novelist Jan Němec, whose fictionalized biography of a prominent Czech photographer comes out this month.

Interview | 23. 7. 2013

“Translators of Czech literature deserve greater attention”

says Dutch translator Edgar de Bruin, owner of the Pluh Literary Agency, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

Interview | 29. 1. 2013

Interview with John O’Brien of the Dalkey Archive Press

An interview with publisher John O’Brien about his visit to Prague last September, about Dalkey Archive’s further plans in promoting Czech authors, and about the blessings and pitfalls of publishing innovative literature in translation.

Interview | 25. 5. 2012

“Jáchym often responded: Do what you want”

says Tora Hedin, the Swedish translator of Topol’s novels and co-founder of publisher of Czech literature Aspekt.

Interview | 10. 4. 2012

“But what does it mean to be well known in Germany?”,

relativizes Mirko Kraetsch, translator of Czech authors into German, who organizes their participation at book fairs in German-speaking countries.

Interview | 28. 2. 2011

“How could I fail to remember two or three anecdotes…”

An interview with Sergio Corduas, translator of Czech authors into Italian and author of the book Un’altra Praga = Jiná Praha (Another Prague).

Interview | 25. 10. 2010

This is what we live in, it’s not just a wild fantasy of mine

Alena Blažejovská interviews writer and screenwriter Michal Viewegh about his book Biomanželka (Bio-Wife, published by Druhé město), the movie adaptation of his novel Román pro muže (A Men’s Novel), which was directed by Tomáš Bařina as well as his success abroad.

Interview | 13. 10. 2010

“Vernacular in danger – also in Japan…”

and there are growing concerns that under the dominance of English, the Japanese language could slowly vanish,” says the Japanese Bohemist, translator and professor at Kobe University Tatsuo Ishikawa in an interview about Bohemist studies and Czech literature in Japan.

Interview | 15. 9. 2010

Standing together: an interview with Dana Blatná

In 2006 Dana Blatná founded a private literary agency with a focus on contemporary Czech fiction, which has a a roster of more than twenty writers. She also works in the publishing house Host where she is responsible for promotion and sale of rights.

Interview | 18. 5. 2010

I don’t even know how I lived then,

says Miloslava Slavíčková who has championed Czech literature in Sweden. Formerly a secretary, now a juror at the Jaroslav Seifert Literary Award, Slavíčková also collaborates with the Charter 77 Foundation, translates Czech books into Swedish and for a long time, was the only Czech teacher at Lund University in Sweden.

Interview | 22. 4. 2010


says Sid, one of the founders of Twisted Spoon Press, perhaps the most renowned English language publisher operating out of Prague since 1992.

Interview | 12. 4. 2010

Let’s hope creative fervour doesn’t wane

Journalist Michal Procházka interviews the Dutch Bohemist Kees Mercks

Interview | 5. 2. 2010

“Like night and day”

This is how the translator Tatjana Jamnik (1976) explains the differences between the Polish and Czech languages.

Interview | 5. 1. 2010

As If I Have Written Several Books

An interview with Radka Denemarková, where among other topics she talks about the foreign reception of her novel Money from Hitler (Peníze od Hitlera), published simultaneously in German and English in the fall of this year.