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Awards,News | 7. 3. 2023

Ondřej Štindl’s New Novel Nominated for the 2023 European Union Prize for Literature

The overall winner will be announced at the Leipzig Book Fair on 28 April.

Invitation,News | 20. 9. 2022

Online Conference on Translating

The conference will be held on September 30.

News | 17. 9. 2022

The Czech Literary Centre to Organise its First Group Residency for Translators

An extract from Jáchym Topol’s new novel will be translated.

Invitation,News | 1. 6. 2022

The Czech Literary Centre at Book World Prague 2022

An invitation to a diverse programme at the Professional Forum

News | 2. 5. 2022

Expanding Horizons through Translation

The activities of the Czech Literary Centre in the first half of 2022

News | 19. 1. 2022

New Activities of the Czech Literary Centre in Support of Translators in 2022

Residencies, debates on translation, and book readings feat. authors and translators.

News | 22. 12. 2021

How Was the Czech Literary Centre’s Year of Poetry?

Video series, events in the Czech Republic and abroad, and new publications

Interview,News | 11. 11. 2021

Sometimes It Pays to Trust Your Intuition

An interview with Lucie Faulerová

News | 7. 10. 2021

Czech Republic in Focus at the 2021 Lakes Comics Festival

Five Czech comics artists to feature their work at the festival.

News | 30. 7. 2021

Czech Literature in the Spanish Literary Magazine Quimera

The monthly magazine has published a supplement devoted to contemporary Czech literature.

News | 9. 7. 2021

The Czech Republic the Main Guest Country at the Warsaw Book Fair 2021

Eleven Czech writers will present their work at the event.

Grants, scholarships...,News | 27. 5. 2021

Lucie Faulerová Wins the EU Prize for Literature

The writer has been awarded the prize for her novel Smrtholka (Deathmaiden).

Grants, scholarships...,News | 10. 2. 2021

The Moravian Library announces a new resident artist scheme to support Belarusian writers

Абвестка па-беларуску ніжэй / Объявление по-русски ниже

News | 13. 1. 2021

Poetry – The priority of the Czech Literary Centre for 2021

After comics, the CLC will focus on another often overlooked area: poetry.

Awards,News | 12. 11. 2020

A is for Antarctica – the hit of 2020 on the Czech and German book market

David Böhm’s book has won several literary awards.

Awards,News | 10. 11. 2020

The 2020 Premia Bohemica goes to the French translator Xavier Galmiche.

Premia Bohemica is a literary award handed out since 1993.

News | 5. 10. 2020

Czech Republic in Focus at 2021 Lakes Comics Festival

The Czech Literary Centre will present six comics artists at the Lakes festival.

News | 30. 7. 2020

Milan Kundera has donated his library and archive to the Moravian Library in Brno

Kundera’s decision was welcomed by the Minister of Culture, Lubomír Zaorálek.

News | 28. 7. 2020

Czech Poetry in the British Journal Modern Poetry in Translation

The journal has published poems by ten Czech poets translated into English.

News | 18. 6. 2020

World Literature in Czechia – Czech Literature in the World

International Conference (Call for Papers)

News | 16. 6. 2020

Comics – The priority of the Czech Literary Centre for 2020

The CLC supports Czech comics through artists’ residences, a digital programme, and events in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Grants, scholarships...,News | 1. 6. 2020

The Czech Literary Centre awarded scholarships to 16 writers

Scholarships should support Czech writers at a time when their residencies, author readings and participation in festivals have been cancelled.

News | 11. 5. 2020

The Czech Literary Centre has published five new brochures in two languages

The titles are intended mainly for foreign publishers and translators.

News | 3. 3. 2020

The Livre Paris 2020 book fair has been cancelled

The book fair in Paris has been called off due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

News | 28. 2. 2020

Bianca Bellová’s four-part tour of Spanish cities

The Czech writer appeared in Malaga, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

News | 29. 10. 2019

Two new brochures of the Czech Literary Centre

New Czech books in the autumn edition and Czech comics since 2000

Awards,News | 27. 9. 2019

The laureate of the 2019 Jaroslav Seifert Prize is Miroslav Petříček

The panel praised the continuity, readability and outreach of his philosophical work.

Grants, scholarships...,News | 24. 9. 2019

Vojtěch Mašek to spend four weeks at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Czech Literary Centre, a section of the Moravian Library, is launching a collaboration with the festival in Kendal.

News | 25. 6. 2019

Foreign publishers in Prague

On the occasion of the Book World and Knihex festivals, the Czech Literary Centre organized two tours for 20 foreign publishers.

News | 14. 6. 2019

The Czech Literary Centre will be led by Martin Krafl

The current head, Ondřej Buddeus, is leaving at his own request on 31 July 2019.

Invitation,News | 7. 6. 2019

12 Czech comic-book artists present their work in Brussels and Amsterdam

A special edition of the Belgian comic-strip magazine Stripgids is just coming out, focusing on the Czech scene.

News | 28. 5. 2019

After its success in Leipzig, the Czech Republic will be a guest of honour at the Warsaw Book Fair in 2020

The Moravian Library wants to bring 20 Czech authors to the Warsaw Fair next year.

News | 1. 4. 2019

New Czech Literary Centre brochures

New Czech Books: Spring 2019 and three other promotional brochures have been published.

News | 2. 2. 2019

Anthology of European Poetry

Eight Czech poets are included in the anthology.

Awards,News | 31. 1. 2019

Announcement of the 2018 Muriel Award winners for the best comic book

Most awards were “scooped up” by Vojtěch Mašek.

News | 18. 1. 2019

Marek Šindelka’s successes in Belgium and the Netherlands

Únava materiálu (Material Fatigue, 2016) voted one of the top books in these countries in 2018

News | 4. 12. 2018

Czech writers published in a new English-language magazine

Apofenie magazine focuses on Czech literary output

News | 20. 11. 2018

Host publishes publication overview in English

Foreign rights catalogue 2018

News | 12. 11. 2018

Poems by Kamil Bouška widely published in english-language journals

The Czech poet has recently appeared in Gulf Coast and eight other literary magazines.

News | 2. 11. 2018

A new production inspired by Patrik Ouředník’s Europeana

Heiner Goebbels’s Everything that happened and would happen is based on the most translated post-1989 Czech book.

News | 12. 10. 2018

Czech comics authors in the UK

Tomáš Kučerovský and Toy_Box at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and the British Library.

News | 7. 9. 2018

Bianca Bellová at Literaturfestival Berlin

On 13th September, there will be a reading from the German translation of Bellová’s novel Jezero (The Lake) with the support of the Czech Literary Centre.

News | 28. 3. 2018

Petra Hůlová in New York

The Czech writer will take part in the PEN World Voices festival on 20 April.

News | 26. 3. 2018

Czech poet and illustrator Tomáš Přidal at The European Poetry Festival in London

The festival brings together some of the finest literary and avant-garde poets of this generation.

News | 2. 2. 2018

Michal Ajvaz in the USA

The Czech author will take part in events in Washington DC and Los Angeles.

News | 22. 1. 2018

Petr Nikl nominated for 2018 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

The Czech author and illustrator is one of 235 candidates from 60 countries.

News | 20. 12. 2017

World Literature Today’s notable translations of 2017 list includes two Czech novels

Petra Hůlová’s Three Plastic Rooms and Marek Šindelka’s Aberrant.

News | 11. 7. 2017

Short story by Jana Šrámková in English anthology of European short stories for children

The story by Šrámková is part of the Aarhus 39 anthology.

News | 7. 6. 2017

Online journal seeks Czech stories in English translation is an online journal for modern literature in translation.

News | 5. 4. 2017

Apply for residencies in Prague and Brno organised by the Czech Literary Centre

The residencies are for foreign writers, translators, critics and literary scholars.

News | 29. 3. 2017

The Czech Republic guest of honour at the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair

Minister of Culture, Daniel Herman, signed the agreement confirming the Czech Republic as the guest of honour.

Awards,News | 23. 3. 2017

Czech authors Bellová, Maňák and Šindelka nominated for EU Prize for Literature

The award aims to put the spotlight on European contemporary fiction.

News | 23. 3. 2017

Bilingual ‘New Czech Literature’ brochure published

The English-German publication features 40 Czech books from 2016.

Awards,News | 22. 3. 2017

Magnesia Litera nominations revealed

The prestigious Czech literary award has announced its nominations for 2017.

News | 3. 2. 2017

German play and Czech film of Jaroslav Rudiš’s ‘National Avenue’

The German premiere of Nationalstrasse took place on 29th January at the Bremen Municipal Theatre.

Awards,News | 1. 2. 2017

2016 Czech IBBY Honour Lists

The annual awards are for Czech authors and illustrators of children’s books.

News | 9. 1. 2017

New centre for Czech literature in Prague

Diplomat, translator and journalist, Petr Janyška, was chosen as the director of the České literární centrum (Czech Literary Centre).

News | 5. 1. 2017

Jiří Hájíček in the Best European Fiction 2017 anthology

Short stories featured in the book receive international media coverage and are included in a number of readings in the US and Europe.

Awards,News | 7. 12. 2016

Josef Škvorecký Award for Zuzana Brabcová’s ‘Aviaries’

Brabcová’s last novel was published posthumously to widespread critical acclaim.

News | 10. 11. 2016

Catalogue of the best Czech books for children and young adults published

The selection of 53 titles released in 2015/2016 is available for free in English.

News | 24. 10. 2016

New additions to Karolinum’s Modern Czech Classics series

An English translation of Ladislav Fuks’, The Cremator, has just been published as a new addition to the series.

News | 28. 9. 2016

US feature ‘live-animation’ film of Hrabal’s Too Loud a Solitude seeks support

Actor Paul Giamatti will lend his voice to the novella’s main character Hanta.

News | 27. 9. 2016

The Czech Republic at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair

The focus of the Czech national stand this year is Václav Havel.

News | 15. 9. 2016

Feature film adaptation of Jiří Hájíček’s The Green Horse Rustlers

The film about frenzied illegal prospectors for the mineral moldavite premiered on 8th September.

News | 5. 9. 2016

English anthology of contemporary Czech speculative fiction released

The freely available e-book contains 10 stories by some of the best Czech sci-fi and fantasy authors.

News | 29. 8. 2016

Magdaléna Platzová and Tomáš Zmeškal at the Brooklyn Book Festival

The Czech authors will be speaking at events on 18th September.

Contests,News | 1. 8. 2016

Winners of the 2016 Susanna Roth Award announced

More than 130 contestants from 12 countries entered the competition for beginner translators.

News | 15. 6. 2016

2016 Authors’ Reading Month

The 17th annual literary festival will take place from 1st July to 4th August.

News | 2. 6. 2016

European Literature Night in Dublin included Martin Vopěnka’s ‘The Fifth Dimension’

The acclaimed Czech sci-fi novel was published in English in 2015.

News | 13. 4. 2016

Feature animated film based on Czech bestseller for children

The film adaptation of Oddsockeaters by Pavel Šrut will premiere in October.

News | 31. 3. 2016

Two Czech novels on the Reading Europe list published in The Guardian

The list of Europe’s best novels by independent UK publishers was compiled by Dedalus Books.

Invitation,News | 15. 3. 2016

The Czech Republic at the 2016 Leipzig Book Fair

Authors Jaroslav Rudiš, Petr Stančík, Milena Slavická, Jiří Dvořák and Jiří Padevět will present their latest books.

News | 8. 3. 2016

Radka Denemarková in The Guardian

The newspaper has published an excerpt from her latest novel, A Contribution to the History of Joy, translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood.

News | 12. 2. 2016

The Czech Republic will be the guest of honour at the 2019 Leipzig Book Fair

This will be the first time since 1995.

News | 12. 1. 2016

Pluh agency in 2015

In 2015, the literary agency closed 30 translation rights deals with publishers around the world.

News | 11. 1. 2016

The Czech Book Award: an overview

In the four years since it was established, the award has helped publish ten translations in five languages.

News | 15. 10. 2015

Support for publishing Czech literature abroad in 2015/2016

The deadline for grant applications is on 15 November 2015.

News | 13. 10. 2015

Czech literature in The Missing Slate

Extracts from novels by Jáchym Topol and Hana Andronikova featured in the Central European Issue of the online journal.

Invitation,News | 12. 10. 2015

Budapest Transfer International Festival

Marie Iljašenko, Pavel Maurer and Viktor Faktor from the Czech Republic will take part in the festival which begins on 15th October.

News | 7. 10. 2015

The Czech Republic at the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair

This year, the Czech stand at the international fair will be organised by the Moravian Library in Brno.

Audio,News | 21. 9. 2015

Czech poet J. H. Krchovský on Lyrikline

Eleven of Krchovský’s poems are available in a number of languages on the German website, including German, French and Polish.

News | 11. 8. 2015

Three Czech books to be published in Filipino

The first will be a selection of poetry by Nobel Prize winning Czech poet Jaroslav Seifert.

News | 15. 7. 2015

Petr Bezruč in Asymptote

Three poems translated by Jacob A. Bennett appear in the July issue of the online journal.

News | 12. 7. 2015

Václav Cílek’s ‘To Breathe With Birds’ one of The Guardian’s best holiday reads of 2015

To Breathe With Birds was published this year by University of Pennsylvania Press and translated by Evan W. Mellander.

News | 15. 6. 2015

Literarischer Lenz in Centrope literary festival

Czech authors Kateřina Rudčenková and Martin Reiner took part in the eighth annual festival in Vienna.

News | 20. 5. 2015

M.Szczygiel establishes a series of books by Czech authors

The first to be published is Čapek’s The Absolute at Large.

News | 3. 5. 2015

European Literature Night 2015 — Celebrating Literature from Across the Continent

Kateřina Tučková, Jan Němec and Xavier Baumaxa will be featured at the events.

News | 9. 2. 2015

The Czech Ministry of Culture has published a new bilingual booklet on contemporary Czech literature

New Czech Fiction is being published in English and German for the fourth time.

News | 4. 11. 2014

Czech prose in Words Without Borders

The November issue of Words Without Borders, guest edited by translator Alex Zucker, is on contemporary Czech prose.

News | 3. 8. 2014

The Czech Agosto Foundation supports cultural projects and organises residency programmes

Established in 2013, the Agosto Foundation offers residency programmes near Tábor.

News | 24. 7. 2014

Bohemists experienced Czech literature with a Moravian twist

Translators, academics and friends of Czech literature met in the Czech Republic from 16-21.7.