ondrejbuddeus_foto_Z_Lazarova bwHead Coordinator
Ondřej Buddeus

Translator, editor and former editor-in-chief of a literary journal, experienced cultural organizer and author. Graduated in Scandinavian studies (Norwegian) and translating (German) and spent time studying abroad, especially in Norway and Germany. He has collaborated with many cultural organizations in the Czech Republic and across Europe. As well as leading the CLC team, his responsibilities include collaborating with the Nordic countries.



Coordinator of International Cooperation
Michala Čičváková

Area of responsibility: German-speaking region, author mobility programme

Studied German and art history in Brno and completed periods of study in Germany and Austria. She has worked as a coordinator of international cooperation for a number of years, implemented European projects in the field of education, and worked as a translator and language teacher.



Sara webCoordinator of International Cooperation
Sára Vybíralová

Area of responsibility: French-speaking region

Studied French and history at the Faculty of Arts in Prague and went on to complete a joint doctorate in Prague and Paris. She writes prose, translates from French and collaborates with literary journals on an irregular basis. Until now she has been working as a publishing editor.



Editor of Portal/Coordinator
Jan Zikmund

Area of responsibility: English-speaking region

Studied English and American studies at Charles University and is currently completing a Master’s degree at the Department of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures. Has studied in England on two occasions. Previously worked in the media as a sports reporter. He co-edits an English-language literary magazine.



Administrative Support/Coordinator
Alžběta Zmrzlíková

Area of responsibility: Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking region, CLC residential programmes

Studied Spanish and Portuguese at Charles University in Prague. Spent time in Lisbon and Granada as part of her studies. Between 2012 and 2016 she stayed with her family in São Paulo, Brazil. In the past she worked in the cultural department of the Spanish Embassy in Prague and in the Prague branch of the Basque development agency SPRI. In parallel with this, she worked as a language teacher.