Feature film adaptation of Jiří Hájíček’s The Green Horse Rustlers

The film about frenzied illegal prospectors for the mineral moldavite premiered on 8th September.



The Green Horse Rustlers, directed by Dan Wlodarczyk and staring Pavel Liška, is a dramatic tale of Czech moldavite diggers, for whom illegal mining of these semi-precious stones has become an uncontrollable passion, as well as a way to resolve financial problems.

Jíří Hájíček’s novel, on which the film is based, was first published in 2001 and a second edition was released at the end of last year. Hájíček was born on 11 September 1967 in České Budějovice and the countryside of his childhood, as well as its more recent history, are reflected in his short stories and novels. He is one of the most distinctive modern Czech writers and has been awarded the Magnesia Litera twice – for the novels Rustic Baroque and Fish Blood. His books have been translated into a number of languages including English, Italian and Hungarian.

An English excerpt from The Green Horse Rustlers can be read here.