The Czech Ministry of Culture has announced its supported translations for 2015

The Ministry has allocated 4 million crowns for 83 translations of Czech literature.


Every year, the Department of Arts and Libraries (Odbor umění a knihoven) issues a call for proposals to support the translation and publication of Czech literature abroad. This year the successful proposals include six English translations:

Bohumil Hrabal: Harlekýnovy miliony (Archipelago Books, USA)

Sylva Fischerová: Stomach of the Soul (Calypso, USA)

Marek Šindelka: Chyba (Twisted Spoon Press, CZ)

Michal Viewegh: Báječná léta pod psa (Jantar, GB)

Daniela Hodrová: Podobojí (Jantar, GB)

Bohumil Hrabal: Inzerát na dům, ve kterém už nechci bydlet (New Directions, USA)

The complete list of supported translations can be found here.