Academic journals published by the Charles University Faculty of Arts are now available online

The journals also have new websites.



Faculty of Arts Press has published a new catalogue of journals that are now available online as part of the Open Access program. All journals have new individual websites that refer readers straight to the Charles University digital repository.

Faculty of Arts Press, as a publisher of 13 academic journals in the field of humanities, joined the Open Access program in 2015 and offers all issues from 2015 onwards also in the electronic format (PDF). Readers can peruse the complete collection of journals which are now available online in the catalogue Journals 2015/2016. The catalogue provides brief descriptions of the thematic focus of the periodicals, information about editorial boards and useful contacts, including links to the journals’ new individual websites.

The structure of the new websites reflects the demand for accessible online content under the license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. The archive of individual issues (beginning with the year 2015) is linked straight to the central digital repository of Charles University, where the studies and articles are available in the PDF format. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, print, or search through all the fulltexts for free. The journals’ websites also provide complete information about their thematic focus, editorial boards and review process, as well as guidelines for authors. Those readers who are interested in buying the print version of the journals can use the direct link to the Faculty of Arts e-shop.

The journals which are now freely accessible via Charles University repository include:

Časopis pro moderní filologii / Journal for Modern Philology
Linguistica Pragensia
Slovo a smysl / Word & Sense
Svět literatury / World of Literature