Pavel Šrut

Červotočivé světlo / Worm-Eaten Light

Trans. Deborah Helen Garfinkle
Červotočivé světlo / Worm-Eaten Light
Pulchra, 2014, 84 pp
Language: Czech, English
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9788087377871

Read an essay by translator Deborah Garfinkle about Pavel Šrut’s bilingual collection of poetry, Červotočivé světlo / Worm-Eaten Light, in BODY here.


“Banned in the Soviet Union for its celebration of individuality in the face of assimilation, this book depicts the loneliness of sameness and the fear of erasure experienced under totalitarianism. Haunting and beautiful, Pavel Šrut’s lyric style expresses both the hollowness of loss and the vitality of forbidden preservation.”

World Literature Today

Selected published translations (1)

Worm-Eaten Time English

Language: Czech, English
Place: Praha
Publisher: Pulchra
Year: 2014
Pages: 84
Genre: Poetry