Marek Epstein


Labyrint, 2018, 255 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Literary fiction
ISBN: 9788087260920
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Domestic violence through the eyes of three characters who are part of it.

This dramatic novella about a family destroyed by domestic violence is based on a detailed psychological portrait of the characters: father, mother and child. All three have contributed to creating a seemingly idyllic family. In reality, however, the cracks are already showing for the disillusioned woman, the violent psychopath and their young daughter, who has been forced to grow up early by this violence, in the escalating narrative of Predator. In this believable story from within a nuclear family, all three characters take turns in the role of narrator. The classic triangle of domestic violence is supplemented by the humorous figure of a kindly neighbour – a former porn actor who is able to help selflessly. This novel about betrayal, revenge and forgiveness reveals the author’s extensive experience of writing film scripts.



Predator is not just a micro-drama full of violence so brutal that it hurts the reader as well – it is also a story about the strength of maternal love, the corrupt social system, mutual and selfless human help and about how we should never underestimate children.”

—MF Dnes

About author

Marek Epstein (1975) is a screenwriter, novelist, dramaturg, occasional actor and director, and former sprinter. In 2003 he graduated from the FAMU film school in screenwriting and dramaturgy. His scripts, which have won him prizes in many competitions, have been used as the basis for more than twenty films and television programmes, e.g. Brainstorm (Elsa award for best TV script), Šejdrem (Askew), Iguo-Igua and the first series of Redakce (The Newsroom). For the scripts Rebarbora (Rhubarb) and Amen Sam he was awarded the Sazka prize at the Czech Lion awards (2003 and 2004) and twice came first in the national heats of the international Hartley-Merrill Prize competition. He made his literary debut in 2007 with the novella Ohybač křížů (Flexor of Crosses). He followed this up with the short-story collection Ocucanej konec (The Sucked End). He has also contributed short stories to a number of anthologies. He lectures at the Film Academy in Písek.

Language: Czech
Title: Dravec
Place: Praha
Publisher: Labyrint
Year: 2018
Pages: 255
Genre: Literary fiction