Lidmila Kábrtová

Places in the Dark

Místa ve tmě
Místa ve tmě
Host, 2018, 215 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Prose
ISBN: 9788075776051
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A collection of loosely interconnected stories about women written in a pure style.
A set of twelve short stories loosely following on from one another about a number of heroines who share the same lack of grounding: Tereza staves off boredom with lovers, Karla with fun, Klára with wealth, Eva by sacrificing herself for her family, Alice by being brave… Events are supported by memories of a formative youth that leads to infidelity, promiscuity and abuse. These women’s stories collide with each other without any of them realizing it. Like the author’s debut work Koho vypijou lišky (Whom Foxes Drink Up, 2013), Places in the Dark is truly dark reading thanks in part to the language used, which is raw and direct.


“Following her experimental debut work Koho vypijou lišky (Whom Foxes Drink Up), the author has come up with a book of short stories depicting women in seemingly ordinary but at the same time critical situations. Their stories are very different and yet they meet and enter each other’s lives.”


“An unusually cohesive short-story collection. The individual texts are not only linked by the way the characters keep meeting in them, but also by the way this interlinking gives new meanings to what might initially seem banal motifs.”


About the author

Lidmila Kábrtová (1971) is a prose writer and journalist. She graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague and later in marketing communication from the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. She was involved in journalism for a long time before going on to focus on public relations. She is the author of several radio plays as part of the project ČRo 3 Vltava – Minutové hry (Czech Radio 3 – Minute-Long Plays). Her short stories have appeared in anthologies from the Listen publishing house. As a short-story writer and editor, she contributed to the book Mé dětství v socialismu (My Childhood under Communism, 2014). Her first book was the experimental prose work Koho vypijou lišky (Whom Foxes Drink Up, 2013). Místa ve tmě (Places in the Dark) is her second work of prose. She lives in Nymburk.

Selected published translations (1)

Mesta u tami Serbian

Language: Czech
Title: Místa ve tmě
Place: Brno
Publisher: Host
Year: 2018
Pages: 215
Genre: Prose