Iva Procházková

Lightly Dressed Girls

Trans. Julia Różewicz
Afera, 2017, 416 pp
Language: Polish
Genre: Crime/Detective
ISBN: 9788365707086
W: http://www.ivaprochazkova.com/
Goodreads rating
75.8% (Rated by 71 users)

A dead girl, dressed only in light lingerie, is discovered in a private garden. The circumstances seem to point towards a sexually motivated murder but is it really that simple? Eccentric commissioner Holina, who trusts his police intuition as well as the advice of his former love, the psychologist and astrologist Sabina, tries to infiltrate deep into the circle of people around the murdered Vietnamese girl. His investigation first leads to Prague’s SAPA Vietnamese marketplace (nicknamed Little Hanoi), but he soon discovers that there is much more at stake. Lightly Dressed Girls is the second book by Iva Procházková about commissioner Holina from Prague’s Murder Division, following Man at the Bottom. Procházková’s detective stories have also been turned into a popular series for Czech Television.

More information in Polish on the publisher’s website.

Praise for Man at the Bottom

“The clever, realistic, skilfully constructed and in many ways unconventional plot is one of the best to be found in Czech detective novels in recent years.”

— Pavel Mandys, Hospodářské noviny

“The author’s narrative style is elegant in the way it gradually dispenses information, is attentive to nuances in character and able to work with a wide range of settings.”

— Vítek Schmarc, Respekt

Information about the original Czech edition

Vraždy v kruhu: Dívky nalehko

Language: Polish
Title: Roznegliżowane
Place: Wrocław, Poland
Publisher: Afera
Year: 2017
Pages: 416
Genre: Crime/Detective