Petra Hůlová

A Brief History of The Movement

Stručné dějiny Hnutí
Stručné dějiny Hnutí
Torst, 2018, 184 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Literary fiction, Science fiction
ISBN: 9788072155613
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In the near future, society is close to embracing The Movement’s reforms. What happens to those who cannot reform?

The Movement’s founding ideology emphasises that women should be valued for their inner qualities, spirit and character, and not solely for their physical attributes. Men have been forbidden to be attracted women on the basis of their bodies. Some continue with unreformed attitudes but submit to interment and re-education. However, The Movement also struggles with women and their ‘old attitudes’.

The Movement’s historian is an unapologetic guard at one of these re-education institutions. She describes how The Movement started, her own journey, the challenges faced and what happens when programmes fail. She believes The Movement is near to its final victory – everybody accepts the new programme.

Unapologetic, ambiguous, terrifying. Petra Hůlová, at her best!


“Petra Hůlová has managed to write a book which is committed in the best sense of the word: it unsettles, provokes, angers. It forces you to think while it also maintains a high literary standard.”

MF Dnes

“By setting her story in a dystopian world, Petra Hůlová has created room for a narrative which goes far beyond today’s discussions in society about equal rights and protection for women.”


Language: Czech
Title: Stručné dějiny Hnutí
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Torst
Year: 2018
Pages: 184
Genre: Literary fiction, Science fiction