Czech writers published in a new English-language magazine

Apofenie magazine focuses on Czech literary output



In its fifth issue, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia, the quarterly literary magazine Apofenie focused on the literary output of Czech authors translated into English.

The magazine was founded in 2017 to support literary voices which tend to be overlooked or which have only little support and visibility.

The Czech issue of the magazine includes verses by Ondřej Hanus and Pavel Kolmačka, translated by Nathan Fields, as well as verses by Petr Hruška in Jonathan Bolton’s translation.

Extracts of prose include passages from novels and short stories: a short story called “Vertigo” by Bianka Bellová, translated by Julia Sutton-Mattocks, an extract from the novel Lapači prachu (Dust Collectors, 2017) by Lucie Faulerová, translated by Alex Zucker, an excerpt from the novel Hana by Alena Mornštajnová and a passage from the novel Zázemí (Hinterland, 2013) by Jana Šrámková, translated by Andrea Goldbergerová, and a short story called “Jméno” (Name) by Marek Šindelka, translated by Nathan Fields.

The texts are accompanied by photographs by Tereza Koníčková which form part of a cycle called In the Zone, time flies like crazy.

You can read the issue here.