Foreign publishers in Prague

On the occasion of the Book World and Knihex festivals, the Czech Literary Centre organized two tours for 20 foreign publishers.


Zájezd pro zahraniční vydavatele dětské literatury. Foto: Tereza Kuglerová

Zájezd pro zahraniční vydavatele dětské literatury. Foto: Tereza Kuglerová

In connection with the book festivals this spring, the Czech Literary Centre, a section of the Moravian Library, organized two publishing tours aimed at introducing contemporary Czech literature and book production to foreign publishers. Publishers from Spanish-speaking countries (also with regard to this year’s Latin American focus of Book World), France, Francophone Switzerland and Poland visited Book World this year. The programme for around ten editors included lectures, networking, meetings with agents, Czech publishers and other cultural professionals.

The Knihex festival tour at the beginning of June was intended for a wide range of publishers (Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy) and focused on literature for children and youth. In addition to meetings with similarly oriented Czech publishers and lectures on trends in contemporary children’s literature, the publishers also had a chance to get acquainted with contemporary Czech illustrators chosen by the Czech illustrators’ platform.

Providing an information service to foreign publishers is one of the key tasks of the work of the Czech Literary Centre, which in the past invited foreign publishers to the autumn Tabook festival or organized presentation events intended for the publishing public abroad, especially in German-speaking countries (Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Zurich) and in France (Paris).