Pluh agency in 2015

In 2015, the literary agency closed 30 translation rights deals with publishers around the world.


pluh agency

The Pluh literary agency, which represents fourteen Czech authors abroad, has released a review of its 2015 activities on its Facebook page.

In 2015, the agency closed 30 translation rights deals which isn’t as many as last year’s record-breaking 41 but is still above the average of 15-20 deals a year. Highlights include the sale of Egon Hostovsky’s novel Úkryt (The Hideout) to Pushkin Press in the UK and Jáchym Topol’s Anděl (Angel) to Dalkey Archive in the USA.

In 2015, 25 books by Pluh’s authors were published abroad, including Hana Andronikova’s The Sound of the Sundial (Zvuk slunečních hodin) by Plamen Press in the USA, German and Dutch editions of Skutečná událost by Emil Hakl and 6 new translations of Europeana by Patrik Ouředník, which brings the number of translations of Ouředník’s novel to over 30.

The Facebook post ends with the positive assessment that “All this indicates that the interest in Czech literature is prevailing.”

The complete review can be found on the agency’s Facebook page.