Short story by Jana Šrámková in English anthology of European short stories for children

The story by Šrámková is part of the Aarhus 39 anthology.



The almost 300-page anthology of 17 stories for children by European authors contains texts written in many languages including Basque, Icelandic — and Czech. Šrámková is one of the most distinctive talents in Czech literature of recent years and was awarded the Jiří Orten Award for her debut work, Hruškadóttir (Peardóttir). She studied at the Evangelical Theological Seminary and at the Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy. Her debut novel was a product of her Academy work under the guidance of author Daniela Fischerová. She also writes for children and publishes in cultural magazines.

Aarhus 39 has two volumes and focuses on the work of young writers. The editors of the collection are popular children’s book writers Matt Haig (UK), Kim Fupz Aakeson (Denmark) and Ana Cristina Herreros (Spain).