The Czech Literary Centre has published five new brochures in two languages

The titles are intended mainly for foreign publishers and translators.


Photo: Tereza Kuglerová

Photo: Tereza Kuglerová

The Czech Literary Centre regularly publishes new information and promotional brochures with a selection of the best of Czech literature in the given literary branches or in the chosen topic. The purpose of the publishing activities of the Czech Literary Centre is mainly to support the publishing abroad of Czech literature in translation, brochures are intended for publishers, translators, agents and bohemists outside the Czech Republic and serve mainly for orientation on the Czech market. With the help of expert committees, the Czech Literary Centre selects book titles with regard to their quality and ability to appeal to foreign readers, includes them in the brochure and provides an annotation and a medallion of the author.

This year, a total of five new brochures were published by the Czech Literary Centre, two of them in English and three in French, in connection with the planned activities of the Czech Literary Centre at the Paris Book Fair and Czech literature in France in general.

The New Czech Books brochures in English are now published annually. They continue to focus on new releases in Czech prose, poetry, literature for children and youth, comics, genre literature and non-fiction. The selected titles are accompanied by English translations of samples on the CzechLit website.

Besides New Czech Books 2019, the portfolio of information brochures of the Czech Literary Centre also includes specialized brochures. The literature for children and youth is targeted by a brochure summarizing the recommended literature for the given target group from 2019, Czech Books for Children and Young Adults 2020. The authors of the selection and the original texts are Jana Čeňková, Petr Matoušek and Milena Šubrtová, and the brochure was illustrated by Daniela Olejníková.

In French, the Czech Literary Centre has published the titles Nouveautés littéraires tchèques 2019 and Nouveautés littéraires tchèques 2018, containing selections of the best of new Czech literature published in 2019 and 2018, intended for French readers and especially encouraging local publishers and translators. These are pendants for titles previously published by the Czech Literary Centre in English. The selection of Czech comics since 2000, La bande dessinée tchèque depuis 2000, focuses on the most dynamic literary branch and its form in the Czech Republic.

All brochures can be downloaded in PDF format here: