Petr Borkovec

Lido di Dante

Lido di Dante
Fra, 2017, 120 pp
Language: Czech
Genre: Literary fiction, Short stories
ISBN: 9788075210456
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Nudists, dune experts, male prostitutes, Dante, water birds and Ducati motorcycles all intertwine in this collection of poetic short stories.

Petr Borkovec is best known for his poetry. His nine collections have been published in almost every European language, including English, German and Italian. This time, Borkovec has written a collection of short stories. The prose in Lido di Dante excels, with the author’s specific sense of humour, mysterious and dramatic atmosphere, poetic imagery and condensed phrasing. The twelve short stories take place in a resort near Ravenna, Italy. An unusual guide to this place of sunshine and darkness, Lido di Dante, sometimes brings to mind the Divine Comedy, the infernal scene of which Dante started to write in the eerie local pine forest.


“[The stories] exude physicality, authentic characters, and […] an ease and naturalness that is hidden somewhere in the rhythm of the sentences and in a fortuitous connection between the author and the place.”

Hospodářské noviny

“Although there is actually not much going on in these stories, and the author is mostly engaged in slow, patient observation, instead of developing the plot. Reading them is an adventure.”


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Lido di Dante German

Language: Czech
Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Publisher: Fra
Year: 2017
Pages: 120
Genre: Literary fiction, Short stories