The Czech Literary Centre at Book World Prague 2022

An invitation to a diverse programme at the Professional Forum

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Photo: Pavel Růžička, The Czech Literary Centre

Photo: Pavel Růžička, The Czech Literary Centre

For this year’s Book World Prague (9–12 June), the Czech Literary Centre (CLC), a part of the Moravian Library, has again arranged a diverse programme for the Professional Forum and the Large Hall, aimed at publishers (on Thursday and Saturday), translators (on Friday) and readers (on Sunday).

“We were inspired by two things – by Italy, which is the fair’s guest of honour, and by our focus this year on the support of work by translators, expanding readers’ horizons,” explained Martin Krafl, the head of the Czech Literary Centre.

On the first day of the largest Czech book fair, the CLC has organized a breakfast to bring together Czech, Ukrainian, German and Italian publishers. “We want these publishers to get to know each other and then hopefully collaborate in the future,” said Michala Čičváková, the CLC coordinator for international cooperation. On Saturday the specialist programme for publishing firms continues with discussions and lectures on the theme of the book market for large and small publishers. The discussion on the theme “Czech Literature on Its Way into the World” is one of Saturday’s highlights, where Martin Janeček will hold a discussion with Alessandro De Vito and Julia Różewicz, whose publishing houses have special editions focusing entirely on Czech literature. The event will be hosted by Tomáš Kubíček.

On Friday the CLC’s programme will focus on translators: “We see them as the most important link between the author, the publisher and the reader. It is thanks to them that Czech writers and their books make their way into the wider world,” said Čičváková. Publishers and other professionals from the book trade can choose from lectures on mentoring, grant support and translating in teams or in pairs. The best translations are often the result of the joint efforts of people who are couples both in their professional and sometimes also in their private lives. Júlia Sherwood, Peter Sherwood, Stephan Delbos and Tereza Novická will discuss their own experiences at an event hosted by Mike Baugh. Alice Flemrová and recipient of the Magnesia Litera Award for Book Translation, Michala Benešová, will discuss their experiences mentoring new translators as part of the CELA (Connecting Emerging Literary Artists) international project.

There will also feature debates with authors aimed at the wider public. On Sunday, young European authors will examine the influence of places and historical situations on our identity and self-narrative. Afterwards, Italian and Czech writers will look at the relationship between books and films, in particular literary adaptations.

The Czech Literary Centre programme for the Professional Forum can be found either below or be downloaded HERE.

The CLC at Book World Prague 2022